It’s too cheesy to talk about how foggy it was that dark Sunday to play the Fog

You won’t find that kind of low-hanging fruit picked here. Not gonna do it. Leave that to media interns.

Tsunami 16 at Fog 6
Ivy League! Hope for the front of the Tsunami rotation was generated with bounceback first inning after leadoff score, solid 3rd after rocky 2nd, and dominating 4th . . . The bats continued their Topes-induced slumber until top of 7th, when the Fog parted to allow 8 runs after Daniels roped a leadoff single to center, ultimately scoring twice in the bat-around inning . . . George Human Ruth ripping double down line for only solid (uncaught) Tsunami knock in 5th, plating only second big green run. Then ripping 0-2, two-out single to left to score Daniels and ignite 7-run inning . . . Hardaway being perfect pain at bottom of the order, singling and scoring twice . . . Toddamus collaring first ever 0 for 6 . . . Toddamus and Black Label fighting for top Web Gem only two outs apart . . . the dugout finally realizing that “we only get to play baseball once a week” and “these things tend to snowball,” finally catching fire against hardworking Fog starter and then dominating final innings with proper flair . . . First post-game celebration beyond the sad Daniels-Everchill pairing of the first two games: 9 total, including this year’s #1 fan. 500 Club, as if you didn’t know.

The Right Move(s)
Everchill gave the pill to Ivy League again, trusted him to work past second inning control issues. Got rewarded with best-looking innings of season in 3rd and 4th. Went to Danger to start 5th even though Fog had gone 1-2-3. Danger cruises through four.

Glove Kings
Toddamus: You don’t know how he got there. He doesn’t know how he got there. Somehow he dove and actually sped up, gained height in the ear. Pocketed a rocket headed for centerfield. With a ten-run, last-inning lead no less. In the cold. Respect.

Black Label: Did he Jim Edmonds it? Hell no. That was a full-speed, full-extension-required headfirst dive to warm up the fans. Though next time calling it would be appreciated by the infielders, among others.

Bump Kings
Ivy League: 4 IP, 4 Ks
Danger: 4 IP, 2 Ks, 2 ER

Fun Stuff Between Two Veteran Red-Asses
“Run out your fucking ground balls!”
“RUN OUT YOUR FUCKING GROUND BALLS NEXT TIME!” (goes to left fuming, commits error)

Big Sticks
George Herman Ruth, 2-5, 2B
Daniels, 2-6, 2 RBI, 2 R, SB
Hardaway, 2-5, 2 R
Everchill, 1-3, 2 BB, 2 R, 2 SB,
Black Label, 1-5, 2B, 2 SB

For the Team
Buestad: Not sure why. He wasn’t even throwing hard! Don’t you want to hit, son?

K Derby
The Scarlet Letter 12
Danger 8
Ivy League 5
Ratto 6
Uno 2

Habit Forming
Black Label: tagged on jersey by an opposing infielder with ball in glove, not on a base. Second time in three weeks. Not recommended.

Modesty Derby
Daniels 1

Ripped, Robbed or Jobbed
Daniels: pimp-slapped fastball to left to lead off 5th in attempt to spark dead offense. Robbed.

Toddamus: 0-2 center of the barrel missle to left field to lead off 2nd. Might have opened the floodgates. If it wasn’t directly at the only two feet of grass covered by the Fog’s left statue. Getting all of a last at-bat opportunity to avoid 0 for 6 but again choosing to hit a statue, this time in centerfield. Swing up, big fella, hit it over their heads. Robbed and then robbed.

Scarlet Letter (one-game suspension away from new nickname)

From the Enemy’s Perspective
You can’t keep a good team down. Not for 8 innings. Not, apparently, for seven. Sure felt like we had em for awhile. Felt like they were ready to go home. Felt wrong, I guess.

Daniels 1 (3)
Everchill 2 (3)
Ratto 3! (4)
Black Label 2 (3)
Chu 1 (1)
Buestad 1 (1)

Larceny Derby*
Ratto 4 (new leader!)
The Scarlet Letter 3
Daniels 3
Everchill 3 (it doesn’t matter how slide, the important thing is you get back up)
Black Label 3
Chu 1 (catcher steals should count double)
Buestad 1
*does not include pickoffs or caught stealing (to be tallied at midseason; CS = -1; pickoff = -4)

Postgame Thanks to the Scorer
Pitching Changes! Yay!

Incredibly Ignored Request For the Scorer
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